The Sapphire Coast

Located halfway between Melbourne and Sydney, the Sapphire Coast (aka The Brutal Coast) is continually exposed to all elements. It’s a tough yet magnificent piece of coast land. Roaring winds, seas from all directions and gnarly, rocky headlands. The ever changing pristine beaches, waterways and forested hinterland all contribute to this brutal beauty.

A sea change from Sydney to the far south coast of NSW has rejuvenated my passion to shoot for select commissioned briefs and my own projects. Recently I’ve started shooting and creating a collection of coastline scenes. My inspiration has come from the elements, landscapes, seascapes and the tension between nature and people. My conceptual approach to shooting this series has helped create a different style to anything I’ve done before.

At times I feel I’m the only one out here as I capture this picturesque, atmospheric coastline with its changing moods. I hope to continue this series for many years to come and maybe even publish a book, until I “can’t stand the weather” any longer.

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