The Necessity of Excess

Defqon1 is Australia’s largest outdoor rave party held during early October at Sydney’s Penrith Rowing Regatta Centre. The opportunity to shoot this event came only days prior to the event start and at first I was hesitant to take up the offer but quickly came to the realisation that this could be a one off opportunity and so accepted the challenge with naïve anticipation.

Now that I accepted, I asked myself why? To reminisce, to satisfy my curiosity and intrigue and to challenge my photographic ways and routine. The photographic intent was not technical but rather focused on communicating a taste of what it’s like at a huge dance rave.

I wanted to make the ravers look magnificent, hyper real and statuesque while documenting the hard-core rave exhibitionism and overt fantasy with all the highs and threatening traps that are all part of this party style. The energy was contagious, artificially enhanced and ‘duff duff’ driven. At times I reminisced on my younger days and was glad I had an inner governor to keep the excess in check.

“The Necessity of Excess”-The Outside Looking In