Go Hard Or Go Home

I documented my second Defqon 1 series ‘Go Hard or Go Home’ in totally different weather and lighting conditions. This consequently gave me the experience and confidence to be rawer and more adventurous in my photographic intent and approach. That said the spasmodic heavy rain, occasional sunburst and also the unpredictable artificially energised crowd made me feel I was in a war zone.

Therefore, the one essential piece of photographic equipment required is a camera built for this. It needed to house a sensor that could deal with low light dynamic range. From a bottomless black to piercing laser beams projecting a hyper real gamut of colours. It’s not about choosing your ISO but conversely do you want the shot or not! The Canon 1Dx is designed to ‘crank’ its sensor allowing the user to capture images in unimaginable lighting conditions.

The files have noise at a respectful low level adding to the reality and atmosphere of a hardcore trance festival. This camera is not for everyone. It’s purpose built but still superbly designed to shoot in unpredictable and very demanding lighting conditions. It certainly opens up new photographic possibilities … time indeed to ‘crank the sensor’

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