The House That Rocks

There is a grand old house that rocks half way up a hill, not far from corporate Sydney. This is where a couple of my mates eat, sleep and jam. Within these walls radiates a united creative energy with lucid spurts of ecstasy and spontaneity to frustrating self-indulgent procrastination.

It was this unpredictable environment and the mutual interest in rock and metal that attracted me to start a photographic series. I knew that it would force me out of my comfort zone. A subject I had little control over with potential images appearing and disappearing at a cracking pace. I had to adapt and re-think my photographic ways. Finally I had to be able to capture selected moments to enable me to tell the story. The image that sparked the project to life was the acoustic Ludwig drum set. As soon as I saw this together with the guitars, amps along with the cohesive passion of the players I knew I was on to something.

Greg … the captain of the ship. His trust, belief and unquestionable support allowed this project to be possible. Thank you my very good mate.

Andy the resident writer and poet wrote emphatically about the the day to day life in the house with this excerpt. Even though he wasn’t a band member he undeniably encapsulated the heartbeat  … “Led gleefully by fate guided by our faithful captain to its gate. Built for a long gone pastor discovered by this one time ginger rasta. Now never far from our home we four Road Less Travelled-ers ever need roam. Free to simply be, live and love our dreams. Outside the chaos of mainstreams. With dreams a big. some like a flying pig, yes, maybe, one day an actual gig … Until that someplace when, onwards and more jam’n, nights and days fun cram’n. Pool or pong tween ever other song, into the pure moment out of pure wrong. Playing raw from the core may this old house keep on rock’n forever more…”

Captured over a period of months the following images are a small taste of what it’s like living in The House That Rocks …

A shout out to our friends at Momento Pro who worked together with me to produce a book dedicated to this story.