The Brutal Coast

The “Brutal Coast” – a title that captures the nature of this coastline from Bermagui in the north to Eden in the south and also serves as an acronym for the words: beautiful, rugged, treacherous, untamed, atmospheric and lonely. These words come from my personal experiences and emotions and are a reflective sentiment of this coastline known as The Sapphire Coast.

As much as this coastline is magnificent it’s the people that add the drama and tension through their interaction, intervention and interference. Over time both the recreational and commercial fishing industries mindset has become far more respectful and sustainable towards the marine resources living within its oceanic and coastline waters ultimately supporting the region as a tourist and fishing destination.

Locals who live and work here make for a symbiotic juxtaposition with the seasonal tourists both seeking escape in one form or another. The people are central yet have an equal stance within the seascapes creating a scale and visual narrative.