As a recreational fisherman I often hear negative assumptions and presumptions surrounding the commercial fishing industry. Determined to separate fact from fiction I decided to introduce myself to the commercial fishers from Bermagui to Eden. To my surprise the fishers as a whole were not only engaging and transparent but also willing to invite me on board. Here they would answer my relentless questions, explain their techniques, methods, opinions and experience. The one aspect that struck me profoundly was the level of monitoring and strict regulations enforced on all fisheries and aqua culture.

The fishers have inherited a history plagued by overfishing and unscrupulous conduct. Their efforts to restore balance to the seas are often overshadowed by the actions of rogue poachers and commercial ‘bad eggs’ – they are there. The more time I spent photographing and talking to the fishers the more I realised the end consumer holds most of the power. At the end of the day the fishers and aqua farmers are supplying to an ever-increasing demand as the world’s population increases along with the consumption of seafood. The end consumer has become over selective, fussy and finicky in their culinary tastes. We are all accountable.